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RPA is revolutionizing the mobile and web application landscape with innovative features like in-app integrated, automation enabled, AI-capable Chatbots for several industry verticals, including the Banking sector. The extensive support offered by RPA enabled Chatbots renders the process of customer onboarding along with the pre/post-authentication process, as a smooth, and flawless experience. Besides engaging the customer, it measures the customer response and takes cognitive decisions to enhance customer experience, thus significantly improving the engagement outcomes.

The interesting fact is that many of these solutions are capable of offering assistance for sensitive financial transactions or queries. RPA, coupled with state-of-the-art cognitive capabilities, has a lot of potential in redefining the whole digital application experience in the near term. Thus, with RPA, modern-day mobile and web applications can be scaled to behave intelligently with AI/ML capability.

Additionally, as RPA optimizes the support time or SLA, besides maintaining quality of support, the service industry is also a business vertical which is experiencing rapid RPA adoption.

However, when organizations embark on the transition of existing business workflows to automated workflows, using sophisticated RPA products or services, serious security concerns such as the ones listed below could arise.

  • Improper credential handling by Chatbots or Chatbot Controllers
  • Privilege manipulation of Chatbots by malware
  • Improper Cognitive decision making
  • Memory attacks that can control or manipulate Bot actions.
  • Lack of visibility of Bot actions after deployment

While several organizations conduct security assessment of RPA by means of a thick client testing of the Chatbot solutions, several hidden security risks are just ignored or not considered. NetSentries has proven experience in delivering both RPA products and RPA process security assessments for leading RPA vendors, integrators, and clients from industry verticals like Banking, Telco etc

We offer comprehensive security assessment services for Attended, Unattended, and Hybrid Automation-based RPA solutions. Leveraging on our extensive experience in conducting security evaluations of different types of RPA solutions, NetSentries can offer solutions to secure the following types of RPA:

  1. Assisted or Attended RPA solutions – where human intervention is required at some point in the automation workflow.
  2. Unassisted or Unattended RPA solutions – that are designed to perform unmanaged tasks and to carry out the task fully automated.
  3. Cognitive RPA solutions – which are enhanced by Machine Learning algorithms for decision making and improvement.
  4. Integrated RPA solutions – like engagement or support resolution chatbots, etc.

Owing to the fact that the service elements, and automation workflow behave differently, sometimes even for the same product, our approach and methodology for security assessment proportionally vary based on product capabilities and deployment.

About NetSentries: NetSentries Technologies is a leader in the Cyber Threat Management space. NetSentries provides a portfolio of Security assessment, Control validation, Defensive, and Detective Security advisory to Enterprises. NetSentries is engaged with several business verticals like Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare to assess their current security posture and continuously improve resilience against targeted cyber-attacks.NetSentries works with several Banks and FinServ companies to improve Enterprise-wide security posture and meet compliance requirements from regulators.

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