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Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Our expert Continuous Penetration Testing team ensures the web presence of your financial organization is monitored by a continuous asset discovery service, and the addition of any new asset invokes the process of Penetration Testing. In addition to this, the confirmed set of assets in scope will always be under the process of penetration testing that is performed with manual expertise and contextual knowledge.

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Our Approach

Comprehensive Continuous Penetration Testing with refined techniques to dynamically assess and remediate the changing security posture of Applications either due to updates, or new vulnerabilities.

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Continuous Asset Discovery

The web presence of the target financial organization is always is monitored by our continuous asset discovery service. Threat surface analysis of the organization and assets in scope are performed with in depth OSINT and Dark web mining. Along with asset discovery, detailed technology stack enumeration is also performed.

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Dynamic Testing

Addition of any new asset, changes to technology stack or application workflow changes will invoke the process of Penetration Testing. In addition to this, the confirmed set of assets in scope will always be under the process of scheduled penetration testing.

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On-Demand Testing

Continuous Penetration Testing ensures the availability of a highly professional Penetration Testing Team at your service all the time. On-demand testing requests can be triggered upon the addition of new components to the application at any time.

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Coverage from Sophisticated Threats

NetSentries Application security team monitors the latest attack trends, techniques and availability of exploits and takes necessary measures to ensure that actual risk to the asset in scope is always known and continuously recalculated based on the changing threat landscape.

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Internal and External

NetSentries continuous penetration testing service supports external facing web applications as well as internal applications, mobile Applications and perimeter infrastructure devices. Additional services include Integrated Security Assessment (IAST) practices integrated with the CI/CD pipeline.

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Support for Compliance Reports and better ROI

The Service Supports generation of reports in the right format and proper frequency as needed by compliance standards like PCI DSS. The program also ensures better ROI with remediation enablement support for IT teams to mitigate open issues.

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