Move from preventive security to
24/7 Managed Detection & Response

Irrespective of the size of your organization and the scale of cyber security requirements, your infrastructure and data need to be protected all the time. You cannot afford to risk your business, data and reputation.

NetSentries provide enterprise grade security to detect and respond to known and unknown threats targeting your business and IT environment with no upfront cost, 24/7!

Whether you are a small company who cannot afford to invest substantial amount to procure on-premise security systems or a large enterprise invested substantial amount on unproductive security systems, we have a solution for you!

We deliver peace of mind from cyber threats to all our customers 24/7 with our unique MDR offering.

Threat Hunting
24/7 Global soc
Expert Security Analysts
Best in Class
Automation &
Machine Learning

“Clients should be wary of claims from traditional MSSPs on their ability to deliver MDR-like services.Delivering these services requires technologies not traditionally in scope for MSS.”

Gartner has identified managed detection and response (MDR) as the next evolution of threat monitoring and incident response services.

– Managed Detection and Response Services Market Guide May 2017.


Industrial Security can be challenging
           Lack of security can limit the IoT opportunities

Unprotected OT and IoT devices and systems could become a vast attack surface for malevolent groups and could prove a shortcut to attack IT environments, exponentially increasing the potential for damages and data loss.

Our OT & IoT Security Solutions help our customers to ensure their OT and IoT assets are protected from all known and unknown threats. The production and business teams can be confident that the commitments can be met and business risks arising from cyber threats are eliminated.

While resultant benefits of a IoT enabled society are significant, disruptive and transformational, lack of security can be a deterrent.

We deliver peace of mind from cyber threats to all our customers with our unique OT & IoT Security Solutions.


Don’t Leave the Backdoor Open to Cyber Criminals!

Business going as usual doesn’t mean that everything is awesome. It takes more than 6 months for a data breach to surface! Small, medium and large enterprises are equally at risk of increased sophisticated cyber-attack which can throw you out of business.

NetSentries offer advanced Vulnerability Management Solutions for diverse workloads and architecture in IT, OT and IoT environments, including Vessels, ATM and POS.

What you see on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg and you need carefully designed solutions and expert advisory to ensure your business is protected from threat arising out of every technology loop hole.

We substantially enhance the security posture of all our customers with our advanced Vulnerability Management Solutions.

OT & IoT
Security Assessment
ATM & POS Systems Security Testing


Compliance Pressures can Affect the Business!

Standards and the industry needs keep evolving and it can stop your business. Small and medium businesses often find compliance requirements a strain on the resources and large business carry huge risk of disruption to services.

GRC practice from NetSentries ensure that the technology and processes of the customer satisfy all applicable standards and regulations, and stay secured in the process.

Meeting the standards shall not be seen as a requirement to satisfy regulators, but as a responsible way to ensure your data and your customers’ data are protected from all vulnerabilities.

We deliver peace of mind from cyber threats to all our customers with our comprehensive Compliance Management Solutions.

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