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POS & TMS Security

Our service guarantees a comprehensive evaluation of POS devices and their linked integrations, accomplished through our unique assessment framework. Crafted to align with the contemporary threat landscape, industry and vendor best practices, and local governance stipulations, this framework ensures a thorough assessment. Our service provides you with contextual insights, highlighting business impact and suggesting remediation strategies. This valuable information assists Banking Risk & Security teams in prioritizing and addressing risks effectively.

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Our Approach

Our assessment framework mirrors the compliance mandates outlined by PCI and other relevant governance standards. It adopts an adversarial perspective, considering real-world threats and prevalent techniques. This approach encompasses every logical component integral to the Point of Sale (POS) service suite. Our assessment goes beyond typical application assessment, encompassing hardware POS terminal-specific assessment, malware detection, control validation and providing expert guidance on the necessary steps to manage reported vulnerabilities. By adhering to industry standards and addressing the dynamic threat landscape, we ensure a thorough and effective evaluation of your POS systems.

POS Environment Security Assessment

POS Environment Security Assessment commences with a thorough comprehension of the data flow and all involved components, spanning from initiation to synchronization. This understanding lays the foundation for crafting a robust Threat Model, which comprises a detailed data flow diagram, existing control mechanisms, data storage and processing points across levels, and the threats and business risks discerned at the design stage.
Subsequently, active penetration testing is conducted against both the application and the device. This meticulous testing aims to unearth any vulnerabilities that might have surfaced during the development and deployment phases of the application. During this phase, we also look out for any instances of sensitive traffic being transmitted to unintended destinations. Our skilled pen-testers adhere to recognized application standards to guarantee a robust evaluation of your POS ecosystem's security posture.

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POS Application Penetration Testing

Irrespective of the type of your POS application, whether it's a traditional terminal, a mobile POS (mPOS), a virtual POS (vPOS), a contactless POS, or any other variant, our assessment goes beyond the surface. We delve into the intricacies of your chosen POS system. Our evaluation encompasses a comprehensive range of factors tailored to each type: from conducting a thorough static analysis of the Binary Executable for traditional systems, to evaluating the resilience against DLL hijacking and injection attacks for mPOS and vPOS. We meticulously examine hardcoded secrets across all types, ensuring the identification of any vulnerabilities. Moreover, in this digital age, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. Hence, we meticulously analyze the encryption protocols in place, leaving no room for unencrypted data leaks. This multifaceted approach assures your institution an unparalleled level of security, regardless of the POS type you employ. Our commitment is to bolster the robustness of your application and fortify the protection of sensitive data, across every type of POS terminal.

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