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ATM Security Assessment

Within the dynamic landscape of service offerings accessible through kiosks – including ATM, CDM, ITM, and VTM – a distinct array of challenges and risks emerges. These assets operate within environments beyond our immediate control, establishing direct connections to internal systems and services. Through our ATM Security Assessment service, NetSentries addresses these complexities head-on.
At NetSentries, we rely on our proprietary Assessment Framework to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your Kiosk terminal assessment. This framework ensures a holistic examination of your Kiosk Deployment, offering complete 360-degree coverage. Subscribing to this service, you can confidently navigate the intricate security landscape of modern kiosk-based services.

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Our Approach

To conduct a comprehensive suite assessment, we utilize our proprietary Kiosk Assessment Framework. Aligned with compliance standards and governance requisites, this framework ensures an all-encompassing evaluation. It covers every facet of the deployment, commencing with Kiosk hardware, extending through applications, the Kiosk's operating system, communication protocols, integration channels, application servers, and the Kiosk Management service. This end-to-end appraisal guarantees a thorough understanding of your suite's strengths and areas for enhancement.

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Application Design Review

We conduct an exhaustive architecture review by delving into operational service requirements, application specifics, data processed, governance mandates, compliance prerequisites, internal system integrations, transport security controls, caching approaches, and the network deployment. Armed with this knowledge, our team constructs a comprehensive threat model. This model encapsulates the entire data flow from start to finish, encompassing security controls, stored and processed data, corresponding data classification, and potential threats. The outcome is a clear picture of the Kiosk ecosytem's  exposed threat landscape, potential compromise points, and vulnerabilities at the design phase.

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ATM OS Penetration Audit

Our approach involves conducting Manual Penetration Testing on the Kiosk's Operating System. This assessment method aligns with global standards like the PIN Transaction Standards (PCI-PTS), ATM Security Guidelines, and local Governance Guidelines. Our audit strategy combines automated and manual assessment techniques to thoroughly examine the configuration and deployment of the Kiosk's operating system. By doing so, we aim to uncover any potential gaps that could compromise the system's security.

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Terminal Client Penetration Testing

Our comprehensive security assessment covers all types of ATM client applications—be it thick client, thin client, web-based, or specialized solutions. Beyond reviewing operational workflows, we perform static analysis of binary executables for stand-alone applications and scrutinize server interactions for thin-client and web-based systems. We evaluate resilience against unauthorized code injection and DLL hijacking, investigate hardcoded secrets, and ensure that all sensitive data is encrypted. This holistic approach, tailored to your ATM application's specific architecture and features, provides your financial institution with unparalleled security assurance, ensuring both the robustness of the application and the safeguarding of sensitive data.

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Physical Security Assessment

Our penetration testers tackle a range of physical intrusion techniques employed by potential attackers including but not limited to, card skimming, keypad tampering, and unauthorized access to banknotes or bills bypassing lock protection measures. Our testing regime encompasses various evaluations, including Physical Intrusion Testing, Destructive Testing, Hardware I/O ports data implantation testing, Physical Access Authentication Control Testing, and several other critical assessments. These comprehensive testing methods ensure that your system is fortified against physical threats and vulnerabilities, offering you a robust defense against potential attacks.

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Assessment of Security Solutions

NetSentries offers expert guidance on optimizing the ATM application's operational environment, emphasizing a highly restricted setup with minimal services and processes in the backend. Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive onsite assessments, meticulously reviewing both logical and physical security configurations of the security solutions integrated within the Kiosks. This thorough evaluation ensures the implementation of robust measures for safeguarding your systems, providing the necessary protection to bolster your Kiosk's security posture.

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ATM Malware Discovery

NetSentries team conducts thorough and comprehensive analysis of your service, aimed at detecting any potential instances of malware that might have evaded cleanup efforts by an Anti-Malware solution. This process involves a range of activities, such as Malware Discovery Scanning, scrutinizing processes and network communications to identify anomalies, identifying malicious DLLs, performing reverse engineering on identified malware, and identifying Indicators of Compromise (IoCs). Through this specialized service, our goal is to offer your institution a comprehensive assessment of your deployment, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of security.

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