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SWIFT Security Assessment Framework

NetSentries presents its SWIFT Security Assurance service, designed to provide banks worldwide with a streamlined compliance process using our N-SAF framework. This service goes beyond mere assessment with a multi-faceted approach, encompassing:

  • Gap Analysis to pinpoint control inadequacies in your SWIFT ecosystem.
  • Collection and management of necessary evidences.
  •  Tailoring CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Center) monitoring use cases specifically for your SWIFT deployment.

With NetSentries' SWIFT Security Assurance service, achieving compliance becomes a seamless journey, ensuring robust control and monitoring measures throughout your SWIFT operations.

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Our Approach

The SWIFT Security Assurance Service follows our home-grown ADR (Assess, Declare, Respond) assessment model.

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ASSESS: Threat Emulation & Active Penetration testing to validate security controls implemented in the Bank’s SWIFT Ecosystem

During this phase, the SWIFT ecosystem of the financial organization will be assessed from the perspective of a real intruder or an attacker. All the SWIFT scopped assets such as, E-banking channels, Consumer application of SWIFT, Operator Workstations and associated infrastructure will fall within the scope of the assessment. The assessment will be performed in a controlled non-disruptive manner with best efforts for zero annoyance on business operations. The defense capabilities of the blue team security suite and the detection capabilities of Cyber SOC for each of the simulated threat scenarios will be recorded and reported.
N-SAF uses a hybrid approach of passive and active test cases for measuring the effectiveness of logical security controls associated with the SWIFT ecosystem. Evidence in the form of screenshots, configurations files, videos or snapshots, and policy documents will be collected to create an internal evidence repository.

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DECLARE: CSP Gap Assessment in line with SWIFT CSCF

Using an easy-to-understand questionnaire, our team works with the SWIFT workforce within the bank to capture the present posture of the Mandatory and Advisory controls as mandated by CSCF. The resulting Gap assessment report is discussed with the client, and a remediation advisory is provided to mitigate the findings. If necessary additional evidence is collected post-deployment of recommended remediation, before the issuance of the audit Completion Letter, as an approved Assessment Provider.

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RESPOND: C-SOC enablement for SWIFT environment breach detection

NetSentries Cyber Threat Management Team has created proprietary “correlation rule and use case” bundles to monitor attacks against your SWIFT ecosystems. These use cases are continuously reviewed and improved considering the publicly available historical and current SWIFT breaches or incidents, advisories from SWIFT and product vendors. These continuous security monitoring rules are vendor agnostic and can be used to develop correlation rules for any SIEM/SOAR solutions to monitor your SWIFT ecosystem against attacks proactively.

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