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Security Architecture Review

Prior to the deployment of any sensitive banking applications or services, a pivotal step involves the creation of a conceptual model. This model integrates the deployment's purpose, compliance and governance prerequisites and essential security controls. The absence of this crucial step can lead to flawed implementations that expose critical vulnerabilities for malicious Threat Actors to exploit. Additionally, non-compliance with industry and governance standards can result in financial losses and reputational damage.
NetSentries addresses this imperative by offering its Security Architecture Review and Baselining service. Our approach entails a meticulous consideration of the application, infrastructure, or services within their specific business context. The service also accounts for pertinent compliance requisites such as PCI-DSS and SWIFT-CSP and security requisites. This comprehensive evaluation facilitates an exhaustive review of the proposed solutions or enterprise architecture.
The in-depth analysis results in the evaluation elucidate the potential business impact of the deployment. Armed with this comprehensive insight, your Information Security team is empowered to make informed decisions while prioritizing and treating the identified risks.

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Minimum Baseline Security

Within the banking realm, it is imperative to avoid default configurations when deploying applications, operating systems, service suites, networks, and security devices. Default configurations often expose vulnerable services or settings, providing an entry point for Threat Actors to breach applications, servers, or enterprise networks.
NetSentries, through its Minimum Baseline Security Assurance program, offers a comprehensive review of designated devices orchestrated by our adept team. Our experts commence by delving into the business context of the environment or asset. Subsequently, they scrutinize the fundamental necessities and requisite services indispensable for the optimal functionality of the specific device or asset.
Prior to initiating the review, our approach emphasizes a thorough understanding of the individual service or asset's unique attributes. This contextual analysis is rooted in the asset's business context, adherence to compliance and governance standards, and alignment with internal security policies. Consequently, our assessment doesn't adopt a one-size-fits-all methodology; instead, it focuses on delivering a highly targeted gap analysis that encompasses the actual business impact.
This tailored approach is augmented by the integration of internationally recognized hardening benchmarks, including DoD and CIS. Moreover, we diligently incorporate compliance requisites mandated by PCI-DSS and SWIFT-CSP. By harmonizing these elements, NetSentries equips your institution with a strategic assessment that bridges vulnerabilities with business significance, enabling you to address security gaps and ensure alignment with industry standards proactively.
With our comprehensive approach, your Mobile Banking application can confidently navigate the complexities of its expanded functionality, knowing that it has been rigorously tested and fortified against a spectrum of potential security risks.

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