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Minimum Security Baseline (MSB) Standards

At NetSentries, our team meticulously follows the guidelines set forth by CIS, DISA, and similar, ensuring strict adherence to such overarching and intricate security standards. We devise pragmatic yet imperative baselines, allowing your team to attain them progressively. Through our thorough technical security baseline assessments, we ensure comprehensive documentation of each asset-in-scope’s configuration and its functionalities, providing you with complete coverage.

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Our Approach

During the course of MSB Standards development, our service takes into consideration, the organizations business and operational objectives, industrial standards, compliance requirements, and the threat landscape. These considerations are necessary to create a standard that is context-aware and achievable, at the same time, ensures Business is not hampered in any way because of the controls.

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We establish the minimum baseline standards for a system or device, appropriately documented and classified according to its use case context within your environment, device, server, operating system types, and required compliance requirements.

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Our security champions will carefully create the new standards that will be finalized and approved by the client's IT management team, and the standards will then be published and made available to the required organization stakeholders for consumption.

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A mix of active penetration testing and passive control validation is conducted against the devices post deployment the suggested configurations to ascertain the efficacy of the suggested configuration standards.

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Security Vulnerabilities

The enumerated vulnerabilities post the testing phase are translated and presented to the ISO team as business impacting risks and remediations. This enables the Security and the application/device owners to plan risk treatment.

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