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IOT and Product Security

To counter the challenges posed by interconnected devices, NetSentries presents its all-encompassing IoT and Product Security service. This strategic assessment framework guarantees a secure lifecycle, spanning the design, development, and deployment phases of your OT suite.

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Our Approach

Our service encompasses every facet of your OT device suite, from its initial design to firmware and communication modules. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive Threat Posture analysis that not only identifies vulnerabilities, but also pinpoints security gaps originating at the design stage.

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Embedded Devices Security Assessment

The Embedded Devices used for various IoT tasks like, Collection, Aggregation, Monitoring and Analysis of data are reviewed with a variety of assessment techniques like:

  • Passive Analysis through Serial ports
  • Review of deployed Authentication
  • Mechanisms in Embedded Devices
  • Firmware Dumping over JTAC
  • Firmware Dumping over Flash Chips
  • External Media-based attacks
  • Power Analysis and Side Channel-based attacks
  • IoT Technology Stack analysis

OT Device Stack Analysis

Security posture of the software associated with the OT device, starting from firmware that runs on the device, the applications used to control the device, the cloud components connected to the device, and monitoring solutions ingested to the infrastructure are reviewed in depth.
Common Test Case Categories:

  • Firmware analysis
  • Integrity testing
  • Flow Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering of the companion applications
  • Run Time manipulation attacks
  • Network Communication review
  • SDK review
  • Business and Logic Flaw detection
  • Authentication and Authorization testing
  • Client-Side injection
  • Sensitive Data Leakage
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Radio Communication Security Assessment

Radio Communication protocols like, cellular, WI-Fi, BLE, ZigBee, Wave, 6LoWPAN, LoRa etc., are reviewed for the possibility of attacks such as:

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Replay-based attacks
  • Insecure Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) verification
  • Jamming-based attacks (Roll-jam attack)
  • Denial of service (DoS)
  • Lack of encryption (ADB-S Packet)
  • Ability to extract sensitive information from radio packets (GQRX or GNU Radio)
  • Live radio communication interception and modification

Build security into your Product Development Process

A product security review, when used early in the design process, can spot parts with known security flaws and prevent future expensive fixes. Thereby, you can also build security controls as part of your OT suite end-to-end, thereby reducing your attack vectors and threat profile.

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