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API and Microservices Penetration Testing

Our API and Microservices Security Assessment is a comprehensive and effective way to improve the security of your APIs and microservices. We use industry-standard frameworks such as OWASP Top 10, OWASP API Top 10, ASVS, and MASVS to identify vulnerabilities that may not be detected by automated scanners or conventional web application penetration testing. These specialized assessments ensure potential flaws are identified and remediated, enhancing overall API security.

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Our Approach

At NetSentries, we follow a comprehensive approach combining advanced automated techniques to identify commonly occurring vulnerabilities and expert manual assessment to identify and exploit gaps in the implementation of microservices. As part of the assessment, customized business logic test cases are prepared based on the context and use case of the applications and related APIs. This hybrid methodology ensures a thorough assessment of security weaknesses, allowing us to provide a detailed report with clear remediation steps and a workflow for remediation management.

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Specialized & Comprehensive

API Penetration Testing

Our API and Microservices Penetration Testing goes beyond mere industry-standard framework compliance – it's contextually intelligent. Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, our assessment strategy adapts to your application's unique business context, technology stack, logic, compliance needs, and related technologies. This ensures a thorough and comprehensive assessment, providing targeted observations that are specific to your application, aiding in effective remediation management.

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All Types of APIs and Web Services

Agile digital applications often require integrating various systems and services facilitated using different APIs such as RESTful APIs, GraphQL APIs, SOAP APIs, and other web-based APIs. These integrations are critical for seamless data transfer and communication between systems, making it essential to assess the security of these APIs. The API Security Assessment service provided by NetSentries supports all API types, including REST, SOAP, GraphQL, web services, and microservices.

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Assess Your APIs in Alignment With

OWASP API Top 10 And Beyond

NetSentries' API and Microservices Security Assessment employ the OWASP API Top 10 framework to detect critical API security risks. Following these guidelines, NetSentries identifies authentication, authorization, data exposure, injection, and logging and monitoring vulnerabilities, ensuring a thorough API security evaluation. This approach offers organizations actionable insights for enhancing their APIs' overall security posture.

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API1:2023 - Broken Object Level Authorization

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API2:2023 - Broken Authentication

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API3:2023 - Broken Object Property Level Authorization

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API4:2023 - Unrestricted Resource Consumption

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API5:2023 - Broken Function Level Authorization

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API6:2023 - Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows 

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API7:2023 - Server Side Request Forgery

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API8:2023 - Security Misconfiguration

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API9:2023 - Improper Inventory Management

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API10:2023 - Unsafe Consumption of APIs

Actionable & Ingestible

Reports, Trackers and POCs with VMO

NetSentries API & Microservices Penetration Testing, powered by the Vulnerability Management Orchestration (VMO) module, offers rich collaboration and control features for managing vulnerability remediation. Customers can access reports, trackers, POCs, and artifacts, schedule debriefing sessions, and plan the revalidation of findings with a seamless workflow. Vulnerability-specific support actions are available for Critical and High Severity observations, such as disputing observations, requesting more details, revalidating specific vulnerabilities, proposing new severity scores, or requesting additional information about findings.

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API & Microservices Penetration Testing

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