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Runtime application security is evolving to Full Stack protection with enhanced features like continuous observation and instrumented runtime defensive controls for APIs, serverless functions, cloud servers and other assets. The previous generation of runtime prevention/protection solutions was built with defensive controls like WAF, RASP and EDRs. Such controls were truly lacking and were inadequate to provide comprehensive protection for modern day applications that consume serverless functions like Lamda.

The evolving change in security of cloud-native applications is perfectly in line with Gartner’s innovation insight summary that says “Optimal security of cloud-native applications requires an integrated approach that starts in development and extends to runtime protection. SRM leaders should evaluate emerging cloud-native application protection platforms that provide a complete life cycle approach for security.”

We at NST believe that security assurance is not just one time testing, continuous penetration testing or active validation alone. Our security assessment services are designed to validate effectiveness of security controls of the entire application ecosystem with a combination of active and passive methods. In addition, we help to enhance blue team’s continuous observation capabilities with response enablement services comprising of continuous security monitoring and attack trend focused detection measures along with continuous offline assurance services as part of the application development life cycle.

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