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  • The App Defense Alliance (ADA) Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) is a risk-based, multi-tiered assessment based on the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) that helps organizations secure their cloud applications. 
  • It mandates essential security controls for cloud applications and provides a unified security assessment approach for assessors and developers.
  • The multi-tier approach adapts to user, scope, and application context, enforcing the most adequate and required control sets for the better security posture of the cloud app.
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As an ADA Authorized Lab NetSentries provides Tier 2 validation and Tier 3 assessment.

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Why NetSentries?

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Trusted Partner

  • Over 100 major global banks choose us as their go-to partner for offensive security and compliance evaluations.
  • We have conducted thousands of assessments and issued hundreds of compliance attestations.
  • Our seasoned experts possess a diverse range of skills and have practical experience in various sectors, including, but not limited to, finance and banking.

Contextual Analysis

Our assessors tailor each assessment strategy to the unique characteristics of individual applications, recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate for addressing specific business risks.

  • No one-size-fits-all methodology
  • Individualized assessment for each application
  • Attention to context, controls, and logic
  • Customized strategy for unique characteristics
  • Findings are contextualized to address relevant business risks
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Post Assessment Support

Our assessors extend post-assessment support by providing tailored remediation advisory and implementation guidance, helping customers comprehend the business impact and make informed choices for vulnerability resolution.

  • Tailored remediation advisory
  • Implementation guidance
  • Business impact comprehension
  • Informed choice for vulnerability resolution
  • Extended post-assessment support

Research-Oriented Approach

Our certified specialists adopt a research-oriented approach, continually refining techniques and discovering new vulnerabilities, which ensures our clients receive exhaustive assessments that scrutinize all system components Evolving, research-focused approach.

  • Persistent method fine-tuning
  • Uncovering of novel vulnerabilities
  • All-encompassing, meticulous assessments
  • Comprehensive scrutiny of system facets
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ADA/Google Approved
Lab for CASA

As an ADA & Google authorized lab for CASA assessments, we offer more than just an assessment; we forge a steadfast partnership, supporting you through every stage of your journey to guarantee your complete and ultimate success.

  • ADA-authorized lab for CASA assessments
  • More than a transaction, a steadfast partnership
  • Support through every stage of your journey
  • Guarantee of complete and ultimate success
  • Commitment to the highest security standards
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