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Security Architecture and Configuration Review

NetSentries' Security Architecture and Configuration review serves as a comprehensive tool to uncover vulnerabilities within your security framework, spanning Network deployment, Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure, Device configurations, Application Security, Data Security, and Cloud Security. By conducting an intricate evaluation of your security architecture, encompassing both policies and technical controls, this service brings to light concealed risks that potential threat actors could exploit. Through effective identification and mitigation of these risks, you fortify your business against the dynamic threat landscape, while also ensuring adherence to regulatory mandates.

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Our Approach

We begin Our Security Architecture and Configuration Review service by delving into the business objectives and compliance mandates specific to your organization, application, or enterprise deployment. This assessment meticulously evaluates aspects such as Network Design, Integration Layer, Security Controls, Communication protocols, Privilege Access Management, Identity and Access Management, Logging and Monitoring, and more. The aim is to uncover potential misconfigurations or overlooked parameters that could potentially escalate into significant security breaches. Additionally, this service gives due regard to compliance requisites, ensuring that your deployment aligns seamlessly with any governance or regulatory stipulations relevant to your environment or service suite.

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Network Security Architecture Review

We begin by understanding the organizations business goals and control objectives and then review the network design, key components, protocols and data flow to and from the network, core technologies that the network is reliant upon to meet its security objectives and assess them against relevant standards, laws/regulations/compliance, and prevailing best practice.

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Identity and Access Management Architecture Review

A detailed assessment of the Identity Management life cycle, Access Control Management, Authentication, Centralized and de-centralized Identity and Access Management, Identity Provisioning, Authentication protocols, Application and Data access controls, Access Control configurations, Network Access Control, and Privileged Access Management are conducted as part of this. The assessment also incorporates compliance requirements and ensures strict adherence to the Least Access, Four Eyes, and Need-to-know principles of Access Management.

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Infrastructure Security Architecture Review

Through this service, NetSentries aims to ensure, secure deployment of Infrastructure components, Application and integration servers and Support systems such as (Asset Management and monitoring services, VOIP services, Email, UCS  services), Security devices (VPNs, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, etc), Cryptographic Systems such as HSM, Vulnerability scanning and monitoring services, etc. The assessment considers multiple real-life Threat Vectors and Actors and ensures there are controls in place to deter any attacks that are in the wild.

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Application Security Architecture Review

Through this service, NetSentries assesses the application architecture in its entirety. The assessment encompasses, the logical components of the application, the integration channel, Transport and Database security, API endpoint exposure, Cryptographic strategy employed, Application Controls against existing threats and vulnerabilities, input/file sanitization and processing strategy, and the Software Development Lifecycle. The assessment also considers the compliance requirements mandated by the application itself and ensures strict adherance to any and all regulatory requirements.

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Cloud Security Architecture Review

Our offering guarantees a comprehensive examination of Cloud Architecture (Public, Private, or Hybrid), Identity and Access Management, Network Security, Data Security, Application Security, as well as the implementation of Cloud Security best practices, Encryption and Key Management, Denial of Service protection, Web Application Firewalls, security measures for third-party components, API security, logging and auditing, and robust hardening techniques. This review extends beyond the deployment design to encompass service configurations, providing a holistic security assurance for your Cloud deployment.

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Network Device Audit and Configuration Review

Our assessment incorporates Minimum Security Baselines for your network devices rooted in industry best practices, with configurations subjected to a meticulous review against these established benchmarks. Moreover, the evaluation accommodates operational needs, ensuring that identified gaps are treated in a manner that doesn't disrupt daily activities. However, the assessment remains steadfast and unwavering in highlighting observations that, if disregarded, could potentially result in a critical compromise of both the organization and its valuable assets, thereby ensuring the spine of your operational network is stable and secure.

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Security Architecture & Configuration Review

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