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Mobile Application Security Assessment

Our expert mobile security assessment team follows the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) guidelines and custom-developed test cases based on actual real-world attacks on iOS and Android applications.
Our mobile application assessment processes are systematic and comprehensive. They cover mobile application ecosystem components end to end, including the mobile application client, mobile application server (MAS), its integration channels, and associated entities to ensure thorough unearthing of all security flaws.

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Combine the Power of Algorithms & Advanced Manual Techniques

For Illuminating All Mobile Application Security Risks

At NetSentries, we follow a comprehensive Mobile Application Penetration Testing approach incorporating both algorithmic automation for commonly occurring vulnerabilities and expert manual assessment for chaining multiple vulnerabilities and exploiting security gaps in the application's business logic. The assessment is In-depth and can be conducted in zero-knowledge Black-Box mode or code-aware Gray-Box mode, incorporating the various blocks of the application, including the integration channels.

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OWASP Mobile Top 10 And Beyond

Our Mobile Application Penetration Testing methodology comprehensively evaluates security measures using industry-standard frameworks such as OWASP Mobile Top 10, OWASP MASVS, and others.  In addition to assessment standards, our expert team studies the application and its business context to perform context-aware testing to identify gaps in the business logic of the scoped application. This approach ensures thorough testing of mobile applications, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing recommendations to enhance security measures.

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M1: Insecure Authentication/Authorization

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M2: Insecure Communication

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M3: Inadequate Supply Chain Security

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M4: Inadequate Privacy Controls

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M5: Improper Credential Usage

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M6: Insufficient Input/Output Validation

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M7: Security Misconfiguration

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M8: Insufficient Cryptography

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M9: Insecure Data Storage

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M10: Insufficient Binary Protections

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OWASP MASVS Based Assessments

NetSentries Mobile Application penetration testing offers the OWASP MASVS-based assessments in order to aid you in assessing new and existing enterprise Mobile Applications and suites. This assessment approach gives you an unparalleled assurance of the security posture of your enterprise Mobile application suite and enumerates the gaps in an easily understandable form aiding in the prioritization of remediation efforts.

  • MASVS-STORAGE: Secure storage of sensitive data on a device (data-at-rest).
  • MASVS-CRYPTO: Cryptographic functionality used to protect sensitive data.
  • MASVS-AUTH: Authentication and authorization mechanisms used by the mobile app.
  • MASVS-NETWORK: Secure network communication between the mobile app and remote endpoints (data-in-transit).
  • MASVS-PLATFORM: Secure interaction with the underlying mobile platform and other installed apps.
  • MASVS-CODE: Security best practices for data processing and keeping the app up-to-date.
  • MASVS-RESILIENCE: Resilience to reverse engineering and tampering attempts.
Actionable & Ingestible

Reports, Trackers and POCs with VMO

NetSentries Mobile Application Penetration Testing, powered by the Vulnerability Management Orchestration (VMO) module, offers rich collaboration and control features for managing vulnerability remediation. Customers can access reports, trackers, POCs, and artifacts, schedule debriefing sessions, and plan the revalidation of findings with a seamless workflow. Vulnerability-specific support actions are available for Critical and High Severity observations, such as disputing observations, requesting more details, revalidating specific vulnerabilities, proposing new severity scores, or requesting additional information about findings.

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