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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

NetSentries' Infrastructure Penetration Testing employs a dynamic blend of algorithmic automation and skilled manual insight to thoroughly scrutinize assets within the context of their designated environment or application suite. This meticulous process guarantees your compliance with regulatory standards. Our elite team of assessors adopts an adversarial stance during the assessment, simulating a lifelike active attacks that helps you validate the effectiveness of your security controls.

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Our Approach

At NetSentries, our approach is all-encompassing, merging sophisticated automated methods to detect prevalent vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and adept manual assessment to pinpoint and exploit device-specific gaps. In our assessment process, we delve into the device's use-case, outline test cases, and devise tailored payloads to circumvent security controls. Our proficient team also endeavors to laterally traverse or replicate the extraction of sensitive data from the asset, emulating the intentions of genuine attackers and offering a near real-life simulation.

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Secure Your External Infrastructure With

External Network Penetration Testing

Our Comprehensive Infrastructure Penetration Testing service thoroughly evaluates your organization's IT infrastructure. This encompasses an in-depth analysis of networks, as well as related controls. Rather than relying on just automated scans that could potentially miss out on context-specific observations and issues, our approach leverages custom toolkits to look for zero days, threat exposure and expert manual analysis for fishing out security issues that are tied to the deployment context. This ensures a meticulous examination of your complete IT infrastructure, uncovering potential risks that might otherwise go unnoticed. The result is a detailed and insightful report that not only highlights these risks but also provides business impact and actionable recommendations for enhancing your overall security posture.

Protect Your Network from Within With

Internal Penetration Testing

In light of the significant impact and often undetected nature of internal attacks, simulating insider threats using internal penetration testing techniques becomes paramount. Our Internal Penetration Testing meticulously assesses network security protocols, fortifying safeguards against unauthorized access to sensitive data by malicious actors. Through subjecting essential internal resources to this testing, vulnerabilities are exposed, potential exploit ramifications are unveiled, and proactive measures can be enacted to mitigate risks effectively.

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Validate Network Security Control Effectiveness With

Segmentation Penetration Testing

Segmentation Policy involves the strategic division of a network and the establishment of firewall or routing protocols to uphold clear boundaries between these segments. Serving as the yardstick for regulating access within and beyond the network, the segmentation policy sets the standards. At NetSentries, our Segmentation Penetration Testing employs a comprehensive and effective methodology, accommodating diverse segmentation techniques. These encompass physical segmentation, Layer 2 and Layer 3 security protocols, micro-segmentation, micro-segmentation integrated with SDN and Zero Trust, as well as hypervisor and cloud security controls – transcending the confines of traditional firewall rule-based isolation. The outcomes of our segmentation testing unveil any disparities in the implementation of the segmentation policy.

Methodology Covering All

Industry Standards & Beyond

Our Infrastructure Penetration Testing service aligns with industry standards such as NIST SP 800-115, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, OSSTMM, and SANS 20 Critical Security Controls for comprehensive network infrastructure penetration testing. These standards provide:

  • A framework for assessing network security controls.
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities.
  • Recommending actionable solutions to mitigate risk

By adhering to these standards, NetSentries ensures its testing methodology is effective, reliable, and comprehensive.

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Actionable & Ingestible

Reports, Trackers and POCs with VMO

NetSentries Infrastructure Penetration Testing, powered by the Vulnerability Management Orchestration (VMO) module, offers rich collaboration and control features for managing vulnerability remediation. Customers can access reports, trackers, POCs, and artifacts, schedule debriefing sessions, and plan the revalidation of findings with a seamless workflow. Vulnerability-specific support actions are available for Critical and High Severity observations, such as disputing observations, requesting more details, revalidating specific vulnerabilities, proposing new severity scores, or requesting additional information about findings.

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