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RPA Security Assessment

As a leader in RPA Security evaluations and assessment methodologies, NetSentries offers a comprehensive suite of services. The service includes Design Review and Compliance adherence through Threat Modeling, Application Security assurance via active penetration testing, and tailored Continuous Security Monitoring recommendations utilizing SOC/SIEM correlation rules customized to the specific automated Process. This comprehensive approach provides our clients with a well-rounded Security Advisory, ensuring a secure, seamless deployment of their Robotic Process Automation suite.

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Our Approach

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Overall RPA security posture

NetSentries conduct reviews to evaluate your entire RPA infrastructure focusing on Security by reviewing authentication and access control, Sensitivity of the data accessed by the bots and associated Cryptography.

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Access control and Incident Management

The NetSentries team ensures a thorough review of user roles and related permissions and segregation of privileged and least privileged accounts, used and accessed by the Automation Bots. This ensures principle of least privilege being followed throughout the process, keeping the Threat Surface to the minimum.

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Data protection and Network security

The NetSentries team conducts a meticulous examination of the data managed and processed by the Bot's processes and components. This scrutiny guarantees the presence of appropriate controls that seamlessly align with the safeguarding prerequisites stipulated by the organization's internal data classification and handling policies.

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Risk Management and Compliance

The NetSentries team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the application, employing a combination of passive techniques such as Design Review and Threat Modeling, along with active Penetration Testing. This approach evaluates the potential business ramifications stemming from identified vulnerabilities. By translating technical weaknesses into Business Risks, we offer a lucid comprehension of their impact, facilitating the prioritization and effective mitigation of risks. The assessment also takes into account the compliance requirements that the Bot should adhere to.

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RPA Security Forensic Analysis

We conduct assessments of the entire RPA environment with the intent to identify any malicious process running or any networked calls made to an asset that is not part of its operational suite, thereby identifying if the Automation solution or the Bot process is compromised via a malicious logic inbuilt or through any of the techniques malwares employ.

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RPA Penetration Testing

RPA penetrating testing includes simulation of attack scenarios specific to the bot workflow, assessment of internal and external components of RPA-hosted infrastructure, and identification of RPA application-level vulnerabilities to demonstrate what an attacker could do. As part of this, we also evaluate the organization's ability to detect malicious activity within your RPA architecture.

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