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Cyber Drill Incident Response Simulation

Employing a strategic blend of active and passive techniques in alignment with the MITRE Cyber Exercise and Cyber Drill guidelines, the NetSentries Cyber Drill is meticulously crafted. This comprehensive approach serves to gauge an organization's incident response capabilities. It achieves this by orchestrating simulations of authentic attack scenarios within a controlled environment. The ultimate goal is to bolster the organization's cyber defense strategies. By subjecting these defense mechanisms to rigorous testing, organizations can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This exercise is instrumental in enhancing the overall resilience of an organization's Incidence Response and Disaster Recovery posture.

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NetSentries offers three types of cyber drill exercises to help financial organizations properly conduct Incident Response Drills., that fits your context.

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Round Table Cyber Drill

Round Table Cyber Drills play a pivotal role in aiding financial institutions and banks in the evaluation of their Cyber Incident Response strategies. This structured approach serves to highlight aspects of the response process that functioned effectively and those that require enhancement. The drill offers a transparent insight into the dynamics of communication and information dissemination both within and outside the organization. Furthermore, it furnishes valuable lessons learned, forming a valuable foundation for future planning and remedial actions. This holistic approach is invaluable in assessing the readiness of an organization's cyber incident response capabilities. The drill presents a wealth of statistical data essential for evaluating the efficacy of response-related procedures and content. This insight proves particularly beneficial for meeting the requirements set forth by central banks and regulatory bodies within the country. Overall, Round Table Cyber Drills offers financial institutions a comprehensive perspective on their preparedness, enabling them to refine their response strategies and comply with industry standards.

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Hybrid Cyber Drill with Live Testing

The Hybrid Cyber Drill with Live Testing serves as an elective supplementary exercise designed to provide financial institutions and banks with enhanced insights. This drill offers a comprehensive perspective on communication dynamics and information propagation within and beyond the organization. Furthermore, it supplies essential statistical data pertaining to the performance of security controls for specific application groups or assets.
By combining the elements of Cyber Drill with live testing, this exercise contributes to a deeper understanding of an organization's cyber resilience. This real-world testing provides an opportunity to assess the robustness of communication channels and the efficacy of information sharing in various scenarios. Additionally, the drill furnishes quantitative data on the effectiveness of security measures implemented across different application groups or assets.

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End to End Cyber Drill with CSOC enablement

End-to-end Cyber Drill with CSOC enablement additionally offers visibility into the organization’s Cyber Security Operation Center practice and effectiveness. The associated CSOC maturity assessment service assesses the current state of data acquisition, event aggregation, data enrichment, contextualization, correlation rules and reports or dashboards, measuring the efficacy of technology and users related to CSOC operations.

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