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Threat Modelling

Through our Threat Modelling Service, we conduct a thorough Solutions Design Review, offering customers an intricate insight into their deployment or design suite. This includes a visual representation of managed data, potential threat actors, and established or existing controls, through Data Flow Diagrams (DFD). In conjunction with the Detailed Data Flow Diagram, we dissect associated threats by assessing the employed solutions, the initial design, and by comprehending the application or service suite's context. Our adept team employs multiple Threat Modelling standards for categorizing threats, delivering pertinent context-specific recommendations to facilitate effective remediation.

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Our Approach

Initiating the process, our assessment entails meticulously analyzing crucial documents, including the Business Requirement Document, Deployment plan, and Design document. The primary focus is identifying core functionalities and critical flows within the application or service suite. After this evaluation, we progress towards creating a comprehensive dataflow diagram. 
This diagram serves as a visual representation, encapsulating the entirety of workflows encompassing logical integrations, implemented controls, data processing intricacies, and essential compliance requisites such as PCI and SWIFT. Our approach facilitates a holistic examination of the service suite's design, equipping the ISO with a panoramic perspective of the expansive threat landscape that extends across the entire domain. 
Through this multifaceted assessment, we ensure a thorough comprehension of design nuances, enhancing your organization's ability to proactively address potential security vulnerabilities and fortify the integrity of your services.

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Context Aware Assessment

Conventional Threat Modeling typically focuses on assessing potential risks within the technology stack and underlying implementation of a system. The insights generated by popular Threat Modeling tools are closely tied to the specific technological components in use. However, when it comes to making informed decisions about Risk Treatment at an organizational level, managing this information can become unwieldy.
In contrast, a Context-Aware approach takes a more holistic view. It considers not only the technical aspects but also integrates the business context of the service. This approach encompasses factors such as use cases, interconnected services, data handling and processing, service/application exposure, as well as compliance requirements. By adopting this approach, threats are evaluated based on their potential impacts on both technology and business aspects. This provides a more comprehensive understanding of threat severity, enabling more accurate planning for effective remediation strategies.

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