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Stay ahead of emerging threats and safeguard your growing attack surface with our extensive range of cutting-edge offensive security solutions. As a global leader in the field, we offer the most comprehensive suite of offensive security services tailored specifically for the banking and enterprise sectors.

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PT as a Service (PTaaS)

NetSentries' PTaaS service helps enterprises to comprehensively uncover and remediate the security risks within their external-facing web applications, internal applications, web services, mobile applications, and perimeter infrastructure devices. NetSentries' PTaaS supports all types of applications and services ranging from conventional SOA to modern serverless.

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Banking Security

Our specialized and comprehensive security assessment services are tailored to the specific needs of banks and other financial institutions. We help financial organizations across the globe to identify and mitigate security risks, meet regulatory requirements, improve customer confidence, and protect their reputation with high-quality and comprehensive security assessment services.

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Red teaming and Adversary Simulation

Our adversarial attack simulation tests how an organization performs against real-world cyber-attacks. They detect strengths and weakness using numerous combined techniques including open source intelligence, phishing, social engineering, and network and application attacks.

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Advanced offensive Security Consulting

Empower your security with advanced offensive security consulting services. Our team of experts can help you fortify your defenses against cyber threats with a wide range of services, from security engineering reviews, security architecture reviews, and threat modeling to compliance enablement.

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Cloud Security Assessment

NetSentries offers comprehensive cloud security assessment services that include security control validation, configuration audit, and active penetration testing. Our cloud assessment service covers all major cloud providers (CSPs), including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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Threat Modeling

Netsentries' Threat Modelling Service delivers an exhaustive analysis of your system's vulnerabilities through comprehensive design reviews and Data Flow Diagrams. Leveraging industry standards, our expert team identifies potential threats and existing controls, offering tailored, actionable recommendations for effective risk mitigation.

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Explore our comprehensive range of offensive security assessment services tailored to meet your cybersecurity needs, encompassing Active and Passive Assessments, Threat Emulations, Architecture Reviews, Baseline Audits and more, ensuring your organization stays protected in today's digital landscape.


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Largely due to its domain knowledge, strong testing relevance and the overall dynamics of Netsentries, they are outstanding in their approach.

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Within these pages, you'll discover a wealth of expert insights covering the most current trends, formidable challenges, and optimal practices within the realm of enterprise offensive security.