Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics industry is considered part of the critical infrastructure of a country, and is fast becoming a privileged target for hackers.

IT systems in transport & logistics industry are becoming more interdependent, as companies connect across their supply chains. While this increases information flow and efficiency, it also means that one successful cyber attack could have disruptive, unpredictable, devastating effects on other systems and companies in the supply chain and cause long-lasting consequences to economies.

NetSentries provide Cyber Security Solutions covering Aviation, Rail, Shipping, Drones, Surface Transport and other Smart Connected Transportation environments.

Aviation (includes airlines and airport facilities)
Shipping (includes any water-borne vehicle or maritime vessel, ports)
Vehicles (includes cars, mini buses, trucks, buses, smart cars, self- driving cars)
Railway (includes passenger or cargo rail, subway or monorail)

Drones (incudes any unmanned aerial vehicles controlled remotely)

Transport infrastructure (including roads, bridges, tunnels, and railroad tracks)

Our IoT & ICS Security solutions add a lot of value to the operation of various systems in this industry by providing cost effective and efficient cyber security.

The transportation and logistics industry also has characteristics that make it a particularly tempting target. First, the industry is a global one with tentacles into so many different industries around the world. Complex logistical chains are created around manufacturers, and often logistics companies are embedded within production facilities controlling inventory and handling on-demand needs of a plant. Simultaneously, the industry is fragmented with large transportation and logistical giants working alongside tiny companies responsible for one short leg of a product’s long journey from raw materials, to production, to retailer, to consumer. This almost always means multiple technology systems are being employed, and multiple cybersecurity procedures of various degrees of rigor being followed. This fragmentation provides more opportunities for hackers.

Managed Detection & Response

NetSentries provide efficient Managed Detection & Response to detect and avert all known and unknown threats targeting transportation infrastructure and data. This dynamic offering powered by our prestigious ElastikTA MDR platform and 24/7 Global SOC manned by top notch security analysts ensure that our customers remain protected all the time.

Risk Assessment Services

NetSentries risk assessment helps you gain understanding of your exposure to threats and vulnerabilities and meet the compliance obligations applicable to the industry, through risk identification and risk mitigation prioritization for your key assets and systems, policies, procedures and controls across your transport and logistics assets and infrastructure.

IoT & ICS Security Solutions

NetSentries provide security solutions to minimise the risks in the IoT and ICS environments avoiding DDoS, information theft or designed malfunctioning of the control systems. Transport and logistics sector is especially vulnerable to attacks on their systems apart from the IT environments.


24/7 Threat Hunting, Detection & Response

Our security analysts keep a watch on your infrastructure, assets and data 24/7 at our Global SOC to act on the known and unknown threats detected by the ElastikTA Threat Detection Platform. This means that you are protected all the time and our security experts are available for you to handle any security situation throughout the day.

Maximize Your Investment

Our convenient packages and flexible options delivered at a fixed monthly rate make it easier for you to plan and budget. And with no hardware to purchase or maintain, and a single-source for your technologies and services, our programs are designed to help you maximize your resources and control your costs.

Forensic Analysis

In the unlikely case of a successful attack, our forensic investigators can immediately come in to identify the source of the attack, determine the extent of the breach, contain any damage and assist your internal response around the clock.

Meet Compliance

Regulatory and industry regulations applicable for transport and logistics sector require organizations to have a thorough understanding of their risks and then be able to implement policies and technology to rectify any deficiencies. NetSentries solutions are created with compliance in mind, and directly can map back to all of your requirements, no matter how prescriptive they are.

Access to Industry Experts

At NetSentries, we work with diverse hospitality business teams to manage compliance programs and keep data and customers secure. Unlike other providers, we understand the unique challenges of your industry, and can show you the most efficient and cost-effective ways to solve them.