Threat Detection and Response

Move from Prevention to active detection and response

Managed detection and response improves threat detection monitoring and incident response capabilities via a turnkey approach to detecting threats that have bypassed other controls.   Our MDR service combine the flagship ElastikTA platform which provide realtime threat detection and incident response capabilities and our global SOC manned 24x7 by top-notch security experts.  All powered by NetSentries patented processes and frameworks so that the customer enjoy peace of mind at any given time.

24/7 access to Top-Notch Security Experts in any emergency

NetSentries 24/7 Incident Response team specializes in time-critical, rapid mobilization, initiating a solution to your security breach within no time of detection.

The Incident Response team works with ElastikTA analytics, a comprehensive platform that quickly and easily integrates into your existing security infrastructure.

Our advanced plug-and-play platform provide accurate and actionable notifications and automatic remediation of threats in networks, files, endpoints and users. Ransomware, Trojans, unsigned malware and other active and latent threats are quickly identified and eradicated.

We Keep Our Eyes Open So That You Can Sleep!

Our Global Security Operation Centres are equipped with state of the art technology, patented processes and highly talented security experts. 24x7 monitoring of the detections happening in real time, running complex analytics on the detection data and obtaining actionable response for our customers is the way of life at NetSentries.

Preventive Defense is Not Enough!

Prevention-focused security controls like firewalls and anti-virus are simply not enough to cope with today’s cyber threats. 24x7 MDR actively hunts and contains threats that have bypassed all other security controls and provide actionable data for effective response.

Large amounts of data and complex rules? No Problem!

Our top notch security analysts are available 24x7 in our  Security Operations Center who are equipped with advanced forensic tools and tradecraft to combat today’s sophisticated attacks, which means you get enterprise-grade security, no matter the size of your business.

Time sensitive data and require instant correlation? Yes we can!
Every second counts when you’re dealing with a suspected cyber-attack. It takes less than a minute for NetSentries security analyst to begin investigating suspicious activity on a client’s network. Thanks to our purpose-built ElastikTA Platform, developed specifically for MDR,  all your resolution and response can be completed in seconds.

Compliance Monitoring is a breeze!

Monitoring access to sensitive data to enforcing your acceptable usage policy, MDR helps you comply with stringent regulatory requirements, no matter your industry and scale.

Create Strategic Advantage!

Increase your chances of customer acquisition and retention with assured results from our state of the art ElastikTA MDR platform watched 24x7 by our expert security analysts.