Secure Code Review

A software security code review identifies and remediates coding errors before they turn into a security risk. If conducted properly, it can do more to secure your software applications than nearly any other activity. Tools can identify possible issues in large amounts of code, but only an expert reviewer who understands code logic can determine if a flaw is exploitable and what the likelihood and impact of an attack would be.

NetSentries recommends the use of code review as a part of our application assessment approach. Our use of code review makes our assessments more comprehensive and more accurate than any other approach. The use of code review also makes reviews more cost-effective.

NetSentries uses vulnerability scanning tools, both commercial and proprietary, as a part of our application assessment process. Vulnerability scanning is one part of our hybrid approach to application assessment. Combined with code review and security testing, our approach is more cost-effective and accurate than any other approach. We tailor scanning tools in order to get a high-quality scan, and then carefully diagnose, consolidate, and verify all of the automatically generated data.