IT Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Protecting your organization against internal and external security threats is an on-going and demanding task. Security risks continue to grow in variety and complexity, and cyber criminals are developing even more sophisticated system penetration techniques. NetSentries team understands the need to be agile and introduce new systems, technologies and ways of working to remain competitive and efficient.

Defining scope is arguably one of the most important components of a penetration test, yet it is also one of the most overlooked. The scope of a project specifically defines what is to be tested. The NetSentries Penetration Testing Team understand the difference between a test which focuses on a single application with severe intensity and a test where the client provides a wide range of IP addresses to test and the goal is to simply find a way in.

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services at regular intervals, helps our clients to stay one step ahead of potential attackers, enabling their IT systems, IoT, ICS, IIoT nodes to grow with their business, without lowering the cyber resilience of the enterprise.