IOT and ICS Security

Security of Operational Technology (OT) Systems has emerged as a major challenge for the industrial world and critical infrastructures.  There have been several instances of attacks and malware specifically targeted to critical national infrastructures such as nuclear plants, airports and the like.  Unlike IT Infrastructure, OT Infrastructure is often overlooked by even large operators of critical infrastructures and turns out to be a fertile ground for hackers acting on the dark web.

Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments could pose a major threat to Industrial establishments such as Manufacturing and Production Plants, Utilities, Power/Nuclear Plants and other Critical National Infrastructure like Defence, Ports/Airports, Transport Infrastructure, Space Programs etc.  This could shut down industries, sabotage cities and hinder the progress and security of nations if not addressed effectively.

While OT Systems without proper cybersecurity could derail operations and expose security nations, lack of security has become a complete show stopper for Internet of Things (IoT).  Cyber-Physical environments such as Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart-Connected Buildings and Next Generation Transportation, Futuristic Agriculture etc.  all depend on mature IoT systems with proper security.

Unprotected OT and IoT devices and systems could become a vast attack surface for malevolent groups and could prove a shortcut to IT environments,  exponentially increasing the potential for damages and data loss.

NetSentries Approach

Industrial & IoT Security solution from NetSentries is a combination of carefully designed Testing and Assessment Services, Monitoring & Detection Solutions and Expert Advisory.  Conceived with ISA-Purdue Model and NIST Frameworks as the basis, all our OT services and solutions are non-intrusive and delivered with expert advisory specific to the manufacturer and system.

Our Security Monitoring & Detection Solution delivers continuous asset discovery and vulnerability detection for all OT, IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT ) environments in a non-intrusive manner. It analyses network traffic at the packet level to provide deep visibility into ICS, SCADA, Smart Building Systems and other Operational Systems as well as next-generation Smart City, Smart Grid and IoT environments.  Organizations can get continuous visibility into the exposures in their production networks and other OT, IoT and ICS environments.

Designed for OT & IoT systems, the solution uses passive monitoring to provide safe and reliable insight – so you know what you have and what to protect.  Covering a wide range of ICS, SCADA, manufacturing, and other systems, NetSentries helps IT, OT and IoT security, plant operations and compliance teams to enhance security posture, improve asset protection, and strengthen regulatory compliance.

Our OT native systems and solutions provide an up-to-date view of systems, network, applications, and vulnerabilities to help organizations understand their OT & IoT cyber exposure.  This will lead to continuous detection and protection of OT and IoT devices and systems involving several communication protocols, Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) Networks and large systems involving one or more of them from different vendors.

Managed Detection & Response

NetSentries provide efficient Managed Detection & Response to detect and avert all known and unknown threats targeting IT, OT and IoT environments.  This dynamic offering powered by our prestigious ElastikTA MDR platform and 24/7 Global SOC manned by top-notch security analysts ensure that our customers remain protected all the time.

Passive Vulnerability Assessment & Testing

Our OT specific Vulnerability Assessment and Testing solutions provide non-intrusive methods of identifying the vulnerabilities without risk of process disruption or system operation.  We provide complete risk assessment and current state assessment incorporating all aspects of the OT environment such as applications, operating systems, IT/OT/IoT networks and protocols and device nodes.

Expert OT & IoT Security Advisory

NetSentries OT & IoT Security Experts have built familiarity with diverse OT Systems over time and can provide advisory on the architecture, protection, incident response and forensics and can coordinate with specialist vendors on behalf of the customer to fix vulnerabilities and implement additional security.

24/7 Global Security Operation Centres

Our Security Operation Centres around the world are equipped with state of the art technology, patented processes and highly talented security experts to ensure all detections are analysed, false positives are eliminated and incident response are initiated in minutes.


Our OT & IoT Security Solutions help our customers to ensure their OT and IoT assets are protected from all known and unknown threats.  The production and business teams can be confident that the commitments can be met and business risks arising from cyber threats are eliminated. Other high level benefits are:

Passive and non-intrusive Vulnerability Assessment and Testing methods carefully designed to ensure no risk to ongoing system operation and production process.

Continuously monitor for vulnerabilities, malicious traffic and data transfer in the entire OT environment including operational systems, applications, network and services active in your production environment using our ElastikTA MDR Platform.

IoT Security capability available in the same platform and can be integrated to the same platform as the OT. Unify your OT, IoT and IT security with a single vendor for a complete understanding of your modern attack surface and confidently operate IIoT and IoE capabilities.

Automatically discover and profile new assets added to your networks. Immediately identify potential risks to production assets created by new vulnerabilities and new or rogue systems.

Move from point-in-time vulnerability scanning to continuous monitoring of assets and

Expert Security Advisory for OT Systems based on the type of system and manufacturer to enable coordinated Incident Response with the OT vendors.

Our solution can support systems from diverse vendors such as Siemens, ABB, Emerson, Yokogawa, GE, Honeywell, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Bosch and Schneider Electric etc.

Protocols include BACnet, CIP, DNP3, NB-IoT, Ethernet/IP, ICCP, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60850, IEEE C37.118, Modbus/TCP, OPC, OpenSCADA, PROFINET, Profibus and more.

Provides central visibility across multiple sites/plants through the ability to manage and consolidate data from multiple Industrial Security instances.