Forensic Investigation

NetSentries Internal Forensic Analysis Platform (IFAP) provides meaningful data for intrusion analysis in the shortest amount of time. IFAP is the comprehensive collection of data to ease the process of analysis to detect and respond into intrusions. Most of the modern-day organizations build their own Computer Incident Respond Team (CIRT).

CIRT team members use IFAP:

   To collect and aggregate all network derived data.
   To analyze the captured network data to identify intrusions or intrusion attempts.
   To define the response strategy, in case of an attack.
   To perform forensic analysis and risk or damage analysis.
IFAP is not responsible for directly preventing intrusions, but it will help the organization to identify the attempts and prevent the objectives of adversaries. Data provided by the IFAP is very useful in predicting the objectives of an attacker. It is in fact quite difficult to detect data exfiltration attempts by using conventional security solutions. 
NetSentries combine MDR and IFAP to help organizations to contain the activities of adversaries before they complete their mission. Defensive security solutions like Intrusion Prevention System, Content Filtering Solution, Antivirus etc. focuses on blocking or denying the attack from happening. IFAP can be used for providing better visibility of different phases of an attack and our state of the art ElastikTA MDR platform provide real time actionable response.

Our forensics services deals with all kinds of data from diverse sources, including:

   Full Content Data
   Extracted Content Data
   Transaction Data
   Session Data
   Statistical Data
   Meta Data 
   Alert Data