NetSentries ElastikTA integrates information from Network devices, Applications, Servers and Cloud work loads to provide deeper insights and greater visibility into threat activity. ElastikTA uses the best of signature, behavioral and anomaly detection capabilities, along with forensic investigation tools and threat intelligence coupled with expert human skills to investigate and respond to known and unknown cyber threats in real time.

ElastikTA analyzes files for threats that bypass the security perimeter, infiltrating corporate systems and data files. Attackers piggy-back on the vulnerabilities they discover in files, or in the software that is used to create or open a file, using these weaknesses to insert malicious code into the system.

ElastikTA exposes attacks on the network such as malicious IP addresses and botnets, password-based attacks, modification of network and server configurations, Denial of Service attacks and man in the middle and compromised key attacks. Resulting service outages from these threats result in downtime, lost productivity and brand damage.

ElastikTA tracks user activities to create a baseline of typical user scenarios including working hours, file access, server access and typical network traffic. User behavior is monitored to uncover anomalies which can hint at attacks geared toward Intellectual Property theft, sabotage of IT systems, fraud, espionage or accidental insider threats.
ElastikTA scans and monitors endpoints for indicators of compromise that circumvent prevention systems. The platform detects and remediates the spread of advanced malware, Ransomware and other signature-less threats on Windows and Linux endpoints, which are often the hidden doors for hackers looking to break into critical systems.

Integrate Network and End Point for faster detection

Advanced Threat Intelligence Framework

Machine learning with adaptive tuning for efficiency and scale

Advanced Investigation and Historical Correlation

Detection and Response within seconds

Integrated Dashboards and Incident Management

A better approach to Threat Management

Cloud Based Rapid Deployment

ElastikTA Threat Management Portal