Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Information Security is the foundation on which compliance and risk management strategies are built and implemented.  At NetSentries, we understand security and its role in deploying new technologies, addressing evolving mandates and combating advancing threats. By focusing on protecting your data and the privacy of your information as well as the customer, we help you elevate your security posture, meet compliance obligations and better manage risks in a sustainable framework.

Business needs to be able to move fast and change quickly to remain competitive. Whether you are running a global enterprise or a small business, protecting sensitive data and mitigating risk is a complex responsibility and not something that can be done alone. NetSentries can help you get that competitive advantage.
Our expert security and compliance specialists will help you identify areas of risk and establish the business and technical requirements required for effective information security management.  We're here to help you protect sensitive data, such as credit card information, personal health records and intellectual property; protect your business from risk and data loss, and achieve compliance with complex evolving policies and regulations.

Unknown Threats can Drive You Out of Business!

Fear of unknown threats to your business can wake you up at night!  NetSentries has designed our solutions to work together to systematically identify and mitigate risks to your business – our compliance consulting services help you understand how to get started, and document the risks to mitigate and achieve compliance validation efficiently and cost-effectively. Customers have access to the right technology and experts when you need it, including our ElastikTA MDR Platform.

Compliance at Predicted Time & Cost!

While providing you a forward path to identify and manage the risks in your business, NetSentries’s approach ensures you won’t overspend to reach your desired security posture. Because of our close relationship with our customers and our deep knowledge of their challenges, we make sure you acquire the right technology, and not too much of it.

We understand that meeting compliance standards can be challenging. Our expert consulting team and experience in managing complex compliance situations for diverse customers as well as extensive Research and Product portfolio, provides a strong blueprint to help address your regulatory requirements, including PCI, Data Privacy, SOX, GDPR, HIPAA and others.   We have the appropriate people, processes and technology to meet any challenge you are facing to achieve and maintain any compliance regime.

NetSentries Approach

We believe in Customer Success; nothing less!  That’s obvious from the near 100% customer retention we enjoy.  We deliver peace of mind with our extensive knowledge, diverse experience and research focus on processes and technology.

Whether you’re managing multiple compliance regimes across a complex global enterprise, or encouraging your merchant portfolio to adopt PCI and secure cardholder data, NetSentries has the expertise to ensure you are mitigating risk and ensuring data security at each step. While known as the undisputed leader for our work for payments industry compliance, NetSentries provides cross-industry services and compliance enabling security programs for business of all types

Identify & Manage Risk

We know that each compliance project is unique – and at its core is the need to mitigate risk for the business. This is why our services, technology and programs are designed to keep risk identification and management at the forefront. What’s really important to your business? What’s potentially damaging? From here, we make sure you address what’s needed.

Maintain Transparency

Businesses need to take the compliance requirements seriously since it will ensure the industry will remain healthy and protected.  Our services help to ensure that your compliance process is transparent by identifying all the gaps early on and providing a plan of action with timelines to close the gaps.  This will result in high confidence from the regulators and compliance bodies in your processes and ensure there are no hidden threats.

Elastic Resources

Engaging with NetSentries is like adding trusted compliance and security advisors to your onboard resources. We’ll help you establish a strong and strategic compliance foundation as well as conduct and manage assessments, and deliver elite testing and remediation services. For our partners, our project, product and marketing teams augment your compliance and risk teams for smooth ongoing program management..

Catch up with Technology

Change in technology is happening more rapidly than ever – and your business needs to stay on pace to best serve your customers. You want to take advantage of the efficiencies and scalability of cloud vendors and mobile solutions – and you need a partner that’s at the forefront of these innovations.

On Budget and Time

The NetSentries approach to compliance is to have security in mind – a business that’s employing security best practices with diligence will find great efficiency throughout any compliance or governance challenge. In the same way, as a validation program uncovers gaps in a business’ security, NetSentries has the right solutions to help solve problems – and help you achieve your IT and security goals without overspending.

Extensive Research

We understand that meeting compliance standards can be challenging. That’s why we commit substantial efforts to keep our resources, processes and technology to stay current with the regulatory and compliance challenges.  This helps you evolve your key compliance processes, track and report your compliance measures and gaps with minimum efforts.