Solutions by Challenges

Every business face different set of challenges to ensure their data and infrastructure is protected and to ensure success in the longer term.  Technology and information are critical components of every organization's day to day function.  Every business needs to be connected to offer their customers various services and multiple touch points such as the web portal, mobile applications and the like.  But these can also can present openings for hackers and people of mal-intent.  Vulnerabilities can invite breaches and lead to compliance violations. NetSentries helps to identify these challenges and mitigate them on a continuous basis,  so you can concentrate on running your business.

Comprehensive Security Management

Organizational Security Posture Assessments give you the whole picture of how your information security program serves your organization – for now and the future.

Compliance Management

Information Security is the foundation on which compliance and risk management strategies are built and implemented.

Threat Detection and Response

Managed detection and response improves threat detection monitoring and incident response capabilities via a turnkey approach to detecting threats that have bypassed other controls.

Cloud Security

Businesses are moving mission-critical applications to the cloud at a rapid pace.

SOC Optimization

Security Operations Maturity Assessment and Continuous Improvement

Security Baselining

A Minimum Security Baseline (MSB) is a minimum information security configuration standard,sometimes referred to as an organization’s internal “best practices.”

IoT and ICS Security

Security of Operational Technology (OT) Systems has emerged as a major challenge for the industrial world and critical infrastructures.