ATM and POS System Security Testing

Automated Tellers and Point of Sale machines are an inevitable part of banking. ATM and POS Systems and the network form a complex ecosystem that consists of different vendors and responsible agents, both internal and external to the banking organization.

To protect your ATM network and POS machines from fraud, NetSentries have developed a series of customized assessments that consider the entire ATM and POS ecosystem and not just the machines. We can identify software, hardware and communication protocol vulnerabilities, design vulnerabilities, process vulnerabilities and incident response that are exploited by the most modern attackers. With our services, you can protect your customers from unauthorized transactions and protect payment card data and your reputation.

Architecture Review

Evaluate the network design of the ATM/POS environment, analyzing the security controls in place and the connectivity between the ATM/POS environment and the bank network.

Internal Penetration Testing

Evaluate the security of systems in the ATM/POS environment including routers, firewalls, control system servers, database systems, and ATM switches. A detailed VAPT covering all aspects of ATM and POS ecosystem is often recommended.

Host Security Configuration Review

Assess the configurations of routers, firewalls, and ATM/POS servers against known industry best practices while looking for known vulnerabilities.

Application Software Testing

Testing the payment and non-payment application on the ATM and POS, as well as the communication in between and to the backend systems.

Remote Access Review

Identify systems with dial-up and remote access capability that could allow an attacker to gain access to the ATM/POS network.

Policies & Procedures Gap Analysis

Evaluate the current policies and procedures for critical infrastructure against known best practices according to the Central Banks and PCI security standards.

Machine-level tests

With physical access to the ATM CPU, authentication mechanisms can be bypassed to gain unauthorized access to the ATM platform. All four areas of ATM security shall be assessed: Physical security, Network security, Application security and Operating system Security

Incident response capabilities

Analysis of the ability to recover from a cyber-attack and physical security of cyber assets.

Tactical and Strategic remediation

Technical and Executive staff briefing as well as a detailed report containing the test results. Evidence and recommendations separated into tactical and strategic categories shall be provided.


Interviews with managers, operators, vendors, engineers and system administrators.

Vendor responsibilities

The ATM ecosystem consists of a high number of vendors who impact the operational security. Often, there are large gaps between the desired and needed security posture and the actual one due to vendors who consider security a low priority.


NetSentries support your team to understand the vulnerabilities, gaps and exploits. Strategies in remediation of the vulnerabilities are identified and documented as actionable recommendations.